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I think it is a great idea to have an alumni section on the faculty's website. I am sure that our words as former students will be a genuine  testimony that new students will take into consideration and feel more confident to join our faculty.  I graduated from the American Studies department in 2010 and currently I am a student at the Law Faculty, UBB, but I am planning to  apply for a masters program abroad. Also, I am waiting for my translator certificate (for those of you who do not know, after graduating a  faculty in English, you can obtain this certificate). I could honestly say that the three years spent studying American Studies meant a lot  for me, in the sense that I was given the opportunity to think freely, to enrich my general culture, to progress academically and not least  to improve my English. I really miss our classes that were not only interesting, but also interactive, our projects that helped us develop  our creativity and oral discourse. The professors were always willing to help us with more information and we felt free to ask questions or  go talk to them during their office hours.  The most important thing I appreciated was that we were never asked to memorize by heart (as it happens at other faculties) but we were  encouraged from the very first year to read and research in order to form our own opinion about a subject, an opinion that we had to  support through well-built arguments.  Another great chance we benefied from was to have an American professor. Again, this was very helpful because we saw how an American professor teaches and which are the differences between the Romanian  system and the American one. It was a different experience, that we all enjoyed and learned from.  I think that our American studies department is closer to a more modern system of teaching, a more Occidental one and I really believe  that I acquired knowledge and competences that I will use in my future career.  Teodora Serban-Horvat, American Studies 2007-2010  I am really happy that you are starting an alumni page for the American studies section. In this way future students can find out what are  the benefits and the possibilities of attending American studies. Although I must add that American Studies section of the University is  only complete if students participate in the Work and Travel programs. In this was they can see and they some things they learn in reality  also. In my opinion real life experience can not be replaced by teaching from a text book. Back in the days, I chose American Studies because I was an exchange student for one year in Texas and I wanted to continue my studies  in English language. At first I was a bit disappointed when we barely had classes in English, but everything turned out good at the end.  American Studies allowed me to take a closer look into the ways of how Americans live, make their decisions and what are they position  in Economy, leadership, etc... I've got many useful information and combined with real time experience I always recommend to  everybody to go to the US for short period of time. Since I've graduated I was very busy. I've had an internship at the European Parliament in Brussels, after that I was working for a  Hungarian Company as a general manager. Now I am working for a Korean company in Oradea (where I use my English daily) and I am  the HR and General Affairs Manager. This company is a printing company and we will print the user manuals for all the Samsung  products. I was/am responsible to get the company up and running, to keep contact with our partners and to ensure the smooth running  of the issues. I enjoy very much this job, because daily I can meet new people and there is always something to do!  Besides working full-time for this company, I run my own translation company, I am involved in work and travel program and high  school exchange programs as well and also run several other websites. Pretty much my days are very busy, but I consider that now is the  time to make the solid grounds of our future, because we never know what will happen tomorrow.  Hope I contributed with my lines in the making of the alumni section of the website.  Lehel Pasztor, American Studies 2004-2008          (Translator and interpreter authorized by the Romanian Ministry of Justice for Romanian and English; American Studies 2004-2008)  Since I have graduated from the Faculty of European Studies (American Studies), I have been living in the UK, London and I have  recently established myself as a self-employed translator/interpreter, working mainly for the Romanian Embassy.  I have decided to come here mostly because I thought this is a country where I could employ the knowledge accumulated during  university years, and also make use of the language skills acquired at our specialisation.  After a couple of months here, I attended a school of General English (Proficient level), hoping to improve my British English skills too,  but the school was mostly a disappointment, as many of the teachers lacked proper training. But being a full-time student here provided  me with a part-time work permit, which at least was helpful.  Apart from these, in 2008, after graduation, I received authorisation from the Ministry of Justice in Romania to perform translations  from/into English/Romanian/Hungarian. Since I left the country soon afterwards, I did not have time to start a translation-related work  in Romania. Nonetheless, after finishing my General English course here in London, I went on to set up my own business, providing  translation/interpreting/proofreading services. I also applied for authorisation to work for the Romanian Embassy as a freelance  translator. Most of my workload now consists of translations for Romanian citizens, required by the Romanian Consulate in London, UK.  Nevertheless, I provide professional translation/interpreting/proofreading services to both the Romanian and Hungarian communities in  London. It is a position I simply love, and I believe I couldn't have done it without American Studies.  This specialisation focused on our individual needs, while building our character and confidence. I remember when I enrolled there, it  was mostly a decision made on a whim; the name sounded good, and I was keen on learning as much as possible about the American  culture. Looking back now, I think it was the best choice I could have made. It was an all-encompassing, broad spectrum specialisation,  which strengthened my English language skills mostly. And that is what I employ today to make a living. So thank you again, and I hope  more students will join the path our class took, because the professors do an excellent job, and the variety of courses makes it easy for  one to have a wide array of choices when it comes to further specialising skills. I really miss the atmosphere we had in our class, and I  fully recommend potential students this particular specialisation. For me, it was an opportunity to meet unique  people and to develop strong bonds with them; moreover, it was a chance to make the most of my skills and potential, and to become the  person I am today: individualistic, strong-willed, independent( and maybe a bit exceptional- this is off the record:P)  Annamaria Albert, American Studies  2004-2008         (Certified Translator/Interpreter for English/Romanian/Hungarian Registered with the Romanian Embassy in the UK)  After I graduated the American Studies course, I went on to become a business analyst at a multinational KPO company (Evalueserve).  I've been with the company for almost a year and a half now. My job involves conducting company analysis, compiling market studies,  maintaining client contact, project management and other such responsibilities.  I am also enrolled at FSEGA, studying for an MBA in International Business Management. Managing my schedule (studies and job) has  become tricky, as I am at work for 9 hours every day but I expect to graduate later this year. I am not keen on completing my MBA; it's  more necessary than desired. Before becoming an analyst, I had been offered a position in one of London's leading mutual fund and asset management companies with  offices in NY, which I turned down. Being called in for an interview and assessment made me realize that my course is intriguing for me  and my prospective employees. For both positions, my American Studies degree was an asset. The course helped me further myself professionally, intellectually and,  above all, personally. I am most grateful for having made the choice to enroll on this particular course and I wish to tell you that my  gratitude is growing as time passes. The course has given me an insightful view into the world and has helped me to mach the supreme  standard required by most of the large companies, namely *a truly international perspective*. My degree is helping me communicate with  my foreign clients (some of which are American) and offers me options in choosing approaches for problem solving.  Jobs require skills, which are thought and then become obsolete unless relevant or used frequently. Growing as a person, gaining  perspective, intellectual thinking is a rare opportunity, that most universities overlook and most jobs don't train you for. The AM St.  course offers skills but most importantly, the chance to challenge yourself.  At my current job, I am fortunate to benefit from a little diversity (compared to similar positions). Most companies, regardless of their  business segment, are dictated by processes, which are oriented according to skills. When you become part of a process, you start to  realize how significant freedom of thought, creativity, abilities and character traits are. The mixture of literature, politics, geography,  technology, culture, history and religion offered me such a great variety throughout my three course years, that i never once felt the  limiting nature of a routine (*which came along with my job*). I constantly felt challenged, yet empowered to focus on my true interests  and enabled to use my own means of achieving my goals. This made me grow as a person and gave faith in my abilities.  The structure of the courses, the assessment process and the open discussions make students feel significant and enhance the thirst for  knowledge and self improvement. I am honored to have taken part in classes held by enlightened professors, with great experience and  knowledge. To sum it up, I recommend the American Studies BSc, for the variety of courses, the excellence in the use and application of the English  language, the inspiring professors, the challenges it poses and for gaining both practical and theoretic knowledge. Overall, it's been an  amazing experience, that benefited me a lot and left me longing for a time and opportunity through which i can better myself.  Adina Ciubancan, American Studies 2007-2010       I am working in a pretty big NGO and dealing with the Youth in Action Programme, mainly European Voluntary Service. I am the person  who deals with recruitment/ selection of volunteers and other tasks such as translating applications, solving visa and resident permit  issues, organizing events, being a mentor for some of the volunteers and maintaining contact with other NGOs from all over Europe. I've  been doing this for 2 years now and I have to say it's quite fun. I got to meet young people from Europe but also from countries like  Uruguay, Azerbaijan, Georgia or Turkey. It's interesting and everyday something new happens. I am very proud of managing to bring 81  youngsters to Romania for stages of 6 months and proving them that Romania is not the "wild, wild east" they were expecting it to be and  that you can live here for 6 months without people attacking you on the streets or killing you at least twice per day. :) However, my job is  about to finish now because the projects are not so easily approved anymore, at least not big projects like the ones I worked on.  I am still thinking what to do next, I received a proposal to collaborate with a Youth in Action trainer on writing projects and I might take  this option into consideration, or maybe I will even do an EVS myself. I would like to do it, I find it interesting and I think it would be a  great learning and traveling experience. Some of the former volunteers with whom I became friends and kept contact and some of our  partner organizations are insisting on the idea of me going to Madrid for at least 6 months so I guess I'm in a "thinking and considering  process" right now.  In order not to forget my English language abilities I got the authorization as a translator and interpretor - This was thanks to the all  English specialization, thus thanks to American Studies. It's been very useful and not just for the money earned but also for the  conservation of English language.  Regarding my studies, well here I have to say I am a bit disappointed. I have passed all exams in the AEMP department, from the Faculty  of European studies, but some professors there seem to believe that if a person chooses to do distance learning probably suffers from a  rare form of retardation. I am saying this because of the fact that me and some colleagues of mine who are also BA graduates of the  Faculty of European Studies couldn't get a coordinator teacher for the disertation paper. From all the teachers asked we got a single  positive answer...disappointig. However we accepted it, one "yes" is better than no "yes" at all.  Corina Oala, American Studies 2005-2008            Right at this very moment I am in my 3rd year at the University of Concordia in Montreal, 30 credits away from getting my Bed (Bachelor  in Education) as a Teaching English as a second language pedagogue(that's the denomination here..."pedagog de scoala noua"...:P). I am  very happy with this career. I started  my internship and i discovered i love teaching. In all honesty, the people I have met at our department, have helped me immensely in choosing this career path - some more than  others.... I truly feel my experience as a student in the American Studies programme, did not just assist me in integrating within the Canadian  community, but played a crucial role in this process and is still indirectly present in all my academic endeavors (I thought of using this  wonderful word so popular in our department  Irina Borcea, American Studies 2005-2008            I don't know what to start with, but I know I miss being a student again. Since I graduated I worked as a manager assistant  and at the moment I work at an Australian-Romanian software company in Cluj-Napoca (having secretarial and human resources tasks).  Still, I do not hesitate to apply for positions in Brussels or Luxembourg.  American Studies -better to say transatlantic studies- determined me to be more active, due to the fact that I realized the importance of  getting involved in a wide range of activities and not only. One will have thousands of reasons to embrace the American studies profile,  given that it offers the opportunity to practice/study/work in important institutions and organizations. It's up to each of us!  Ramona Potoroaca, MA Transatlantic Studies 2008-2010   During the past 2 years and a half since we graduated I have been working very hard and learned things I never thought I would be good  at. I started off as a telesales agent for financial services and moved to another job in Accounts Payable after more than one year.  I am working for an outsourcing multinational company which is a world leader in their field of activity. My experience in Finance and  my hard work was highly valued by the company and recently I was rewarded with a promotion. I manage my own team now and I am  very optimistic and enthusiastic about the development of my career the projects I will manage in the future.  American Studies was the best part of my youth until now, I met here wonderful people, had access to a complex view on the current  reality with deep insights on the causality and effects of cultural phenomena.  In spite of the fact that I am not in a related work field I truly appreciate the fact that American Studies contributed considerably to what  I have become as a person and as a professional. Because I understand cultural mechanism I can proudly say I am more open minded and  have the maturity to identify misconceptions and fight them until victory is achieved. I am and I will always be proud to say I am a graduate of American Studies.  Teodora Gentea, American Studies 2005-2008        
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