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27 November
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12 December
The  goal  of  American  Studies  is  understanding  the  United  States  through  an interdisciplinary approach, focusing on the social, political and cultural aspects of the  American  way  of  life.  The  meanings  of  the  American  Dream,  American exceptionalism,  American  values  and  institutions  represent  the  cornerstones  of Europe’s  fascination  with  America.  In  the  current  context  of  globalization,  the distinctive  view  offered  by  such  a  transatlantic  perspective  enriches  a  genuine Europe-America dialogue.
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Irina Borcea
American Studies, 2005-2008
October 2012
March 2009  
November 2008
American Federalism - new challenges
The future of America: the American presidential elections
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Right at this very moment I am in my 3rd year  at the University of Concordia in Montreal, 30  credits away from getting my Bed (Bachelor in  Education) as a Teaching English as a second  language pedagogue(that's the denomination  here..."pedagog de scoala noua"...:P). I am very  happy with this career. I started  my internship  and i discovered i love teaching. In all honesty, the people I have met at our  department, have helped me immensely in  choosing this career path - some more than  others.... I truly feel my experience as a student in the  American Studies programme, did not just assist  me in integrating within the Canadian  community, but played a crucial role in this  process and is still indirectly present in all my  academic endeavors (I thought of using this  wonderful word so popular in our department
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