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European Research Institute

Faculty of European Studies
Babeş-Bolyai University


The European Union and Global Order 2nd Edition

20 March 2020 – The European Union and Global Order 2nd Edition 


Disintegration and Integration in East-Central Europe

Special Edition, Cluj Napoca, 28-29 November 2019




Volunteering and internship

The Faculty of European Studies started its activity under the name of the School of Higher European Comparative Studies, in the academic year 1993-1994. In May 1995 the official name of the institution became the Faculty of European Studies. ICE started with the UBB Senate Decision of 13.05.2003. ICE was re-accredited in 2016, as a research-development and innovation unit of excellence, within the Faculty of European Studies, from the extra-budgetary resources it has and from research grants. ICE is part of the strategic research infrastructure of Babes-Bolyai University (UBB Platform) and is included in the distributed network of units of excellence of the Institute of Advanced Studies in Science and Technology (STAR-UBB). 
  The Institute has carried out its entire period of scientific activity through numerous national and international scientific grants, numerous studies with impact in the area of ​​area / European research and not only, many of them published in books published in the Foundation for European Studies (EFES). Many studies have been published in prestigious publishing houses either in the country, PUC, POLIROM, EFES, etc., but also abroad NOMOS (Germany), HARMATTAN (France), Cambridge Scholars Publishing (England), etc. Also, the volumes of the series of conferences "Disintegration and Integration in East-Central Europe" which enjoyed at all editions the support of the prestigious European Association of Integration Historians attached to the European Commission, were published by international publishing houses. 
A special section of ICE's activity was dedicated to the Institute's conferences organized with a relatively constant periodicity that were held by personalities from the scientific and public academic world, with numerous guests from prestigious universities with which the Institute developed partnerships. The scientific sessions of the Institute took place every year, together with the Faculty of European Studies. Also, in the activity carried out within the research groups of the Institute, both the doctoral students of the Doctoral School “European Paradigm” and the master students of the faculty of European Studies were involved.



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