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Research Groups

Critical studies of European studies and politics

The research group focuses on an analysis of Europe and the European Union, using a wide range of theoretical perspectives and methodological tools. The objective of this research team is to analyze policies as a tool of power serving the interests of policy makers. But also as a political technology that not only builds social realities by defining the problems it wants to solve, but also creates subjects governed by policy measures promoted in various fields. Moreover, our approach refers not only to the discursive formation and functioning of politics as the embodiment of politics, but also to the material consequences of their implementation in terms of power relations, social inequalities and economic deprivations to which people are subjected in their daily lives. by day.

The proposal for this line of investigation within the European Research Institute falls within the multi- and transdisciplinary nature and the extended thematic area of ​​the institution. It has the potential to use the vast experiences of the academic staff of the Faculty of European Studies, in terms of using historiographical, sociological, anthropological, economic, legal and philosophical approaches on various topics under the umbrella of European studies. Through this line of research we aim to critically analyze the European Union's policy in the field of social and socio-economic rights in close connection with its economic policy of expanding and maintaining the common market and supporting the free and unregulated movement of capital. We promote alternative ways of investigating focused on how broadly understood politics (including ideas and governance practices; ideologies and institutions that dominate processes of economic redistribution, cultural recognition, and political representation; forms of government and biopower) shape economic development. and society in Romania in the context of a European Union marked by global neoliberal capitalism.


Prof. dr. Eniko Vincze


Assoc. prof. dr. Alina Branda


Lecturer dr. Şerban Văetiş


Lecturer dr. Lucian Butaru


Lecturer Antonela Gyöngy


Phd George Zamfir



 1 st. Emmanuel de Martonne  Cluj-Napoca, Romania


Phone: +40026405300/ int. 5958