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Research Groups


We Europeans. Memory, identities, models and projects

The research group aims to revive the role of history, memory and values in building a European identity that will allow overcoming the current crisis of the European integration project as a result of reaching a threshold of institutional integration in economic and political terms, beyond which it is difficult to consider any future development.


Policies and strategies in the European Union's single market

The research group seeks to reconsider the importance of policies and strategies in the single market of the European Union for better connection of our country to the European level, taking into account that, at least for now, this area is marked by insufficient coordination and correlation with common EU policies. , of an unsatisfactory coordination between the central and the local level in the construction of public policies, of an insufficient substantiation and a reduced capacity to formulate public policies, as well as of a legalistic approach of the process of their elaboration.


Populism, Euroscepticism and the impact of ideologies on the future of the European Union

The research group focuses on re-evaluating the relationship between the dynamics of European construction and the evolution of the ideological sphere in the Member States, by studying the impact of populism, Euroscepticism and ideologies on the future of the European Union and cross-sectional analysis of complex relationships..


Great powers and geostrategic competition in Central and Eastern Europe

The research group focuses on the analysis of geostrategic competition in Central and Eastern Europe at the political, military, geostrategic, economic, energy level, taking into account that it is a space characterized by complexity and heterogeneity, consisting of states in fundamentally different situations. with the Great Powers - the European Union, the United States, Russia and China, with different interests, options and strategies.


Convergences and divergences of the EU-US transatlantic partnership today

The research group aims to examine the EU-US transatlantic partnership in order to identify points of convergence and consensus, which define the old continent's relations with the new world, but especially tensions, discontinuities, syncopes and inaccuracies, which highlight the need to strengthen the bridge negotiations. which links the strategic relations between the two partners.


Cultural diplomacy today

The research group aims to strengthen the negotiating capacity for a better involvement of our country in decision-making processes at European level and to stimulate the use of cultural diplomacy tools as the European Union aspires to become more and more an example of “soft, "Based on norms and values such as human dignity, solidarity, tolerance, freedom of expression, respect for diversity in a globalized world, marked by an accentuated cultural diversity, in which intercultural dialogue has become a major challenge for peace and mutual understanding


Hybrid warfare and paradigmatic changes in belligerence

The research objectives launched by this team focus on methodologies related to the following fields of study: International Relations, Security Studies, Military Studies, Political Science. The proposed research objectives also aim at theorizing and analyzing patterns of belligerence, the transformation of war and the impact on international security. 


Critical studies of European studies and politics

The research group focuses on an analysis of Europe and the European Union, using a wide range of theoretical perspectives and methodological tools. The objective of this research team is to analyze policies as a tool of power serving the interests of policy makers. But also as a political technology that not only builds social realities by defining the problems it wants to solve, but also creates subjects governed by policy measures promoted in various fields.


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