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Summer School 

Faculty of European Studies

The 2019 EP elections and the shaping of the EU’s future

15-22 July 2019

The European Studies and International Relations summer school is designed for undergraduate and graduate students from all countries with any kind of academic background.
We are looking mainly for BA/MA students with a good knowledge of EU institutions, of the EU’s decision-making process and of EU politics, who wish to become up-to-date with the course of integration and reform within the EU, set against the background of the threats to further institutional construction – populism, Euroscepticism, absenteeism etc. – and with a strong focus on the EU’s global stance and agenda. This interactive summer school benefits from the expertise of prominent teachers and practitioners in EU affairs and includes interactive, scenario-building and analytical exercises, resulting in a participation certificate emitted by the Faculty of European Studies, a great addition to any student’s CV!
A good command of English is expected, as well as active participation in the group activities and individual research endeavours.


+ 40 264 593770;
+ 40 264 405300 ext. 5931

1 Em. de Martonne st,  Cluj-Napoca