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Monday, 15 July

Arrival of participants


Tuesday, 16 July

Summer School official opening

Speaker 1 – Opening lecture, Paul Ivan, Senior Policy Analyst, European Policy Centre (EPC), Crash Course on the EU’s status quo. Warm-up session!, Q&A


Speaker 2 – The EU’s incessant or ceased reform in the post-Lisbon agenda.

Panel – Brainstorming activity on the most important threats to the EU’s efficacy and even existence


Wednesday, 17 July

Speaker 1 – The Brexit saga explained and dissected.

Panel 1 – Actor-based game in the Brexit negotiations. Strategy-based simulation activity.


Speaker 2 – The EU Parliamentary elections of 2019 – who, why, so what?

Panel 2 – Team activity – forging alliances and assessing doctrines post-election time


Thurday, 18 July

Speaker 1 – The EU as a global actor and its practical action tools.

Panel 1 – Interactive workshop – the EU’s normative power in action: West Balkans and beyond.


Speaker 2 – Is economic integration the final purpose of the EU?

Panel 2 – The euro as a global currency and soft power influencer – econometrics 101 exercise.


Friday, 19 July

Speaker 1 – Future paths, realistic prospects and naïve messages on the EU’s course of action.

Panel 1 – Newsroom report – who said what about the EU’s future? Fact checks!


Speaker 2 – Europe 2020 under scrutiny and paving the way for Europe 2030.

Panel 2 – Agenda shaping exercise – British Parliament-style debate


Saturday, 20 July

Final presentations on a future scenario, group evaluation and peer review exercise


Speaker: Closing lecture – The youth as (future) shapers of EU integration. To do list!

Assessment of summer school and mini-graduation ceremony (certificates!)


Sunday, 21 July

Trip to Alba Iulia, castle visit

Return to Beliș, accommodation at Babeș-Bolyai University Hotel

BBQ Party, campfire

Closing of Summer School


Monday, 22 July

Return to Cluj, departure of participants


All educational events will take place at the Faculty of European Studies, 1 Em. de Martonne st., Cluj-Napoca