Objectives and Indicators

Increasing the involvement of academia in the process of consolidating EU's democratic resilience in Moldova and Serbia.

Indicators: The introduction of 3 new courses on EU democratic resilience (pilot courses during the first year of implementation) will improve the curricula and will increase the level of democratic culture of the students encouraging them to be more active citizens.

Creating personalized tools for consolidating democratic resilience in Moldova and Serbia adjusted to their national specificities.

Indicators: The creation of a democratic resilience toolkit, 1 policy brief, 10 podcasts and financing 4 fellowships.
Promoting cognitive transfer and democratic resilience practices at the academic and civil society levels in Romania, Moldova and Serbia.

Indicators: The participation of 4 fellows in the organized training, 100 participants at the organized events, 5 NGOs participating in the project, 4 articles published in ERIH+ and ISI journals, 100 downloads of the toolkit, 200 downloads of the podcasts. (unit of measurement: high rate of interest/low rate of interest; baseline value –70% of the indicators achieved; target value -100% of the indicators achieved)