Work Packages

Work Package 1

Project management (Preparation of a project activities launch, Monitoring of the project, Ensuring the visibility of the project, Acquisitions)

Work Package 2

Research and design - courses and instruments (to design and include 3 open-pilot-courses for students, to launch interviews and focus-groups related to the project’s topic, to launch and publish policy brief)

Work Package 3

Teaching (Course 1: EU as a democracy exporter in East, Course 2: Trends of democratic culture in Eastern Europe, Course 3: From democratization to democratic resilience)

Work Package 4

Awarding Fellowships and democratic resilience tools (Organizing a competition for the award of 4 scholarships for civil society actors from Serbia and the Republic of Moldova, Organizing a training program for fellows, to launch 10 podcasts on democratic resilience, Organizing 4 awareness-raising events on democratic resilience organized by fellows, in the countries of origin)

Work Package 5

Impact and dissemination (to organize one international scientific conference, to prepare and publish 2 Scopus/ERIH+, to prepare and publish 2 ISI publications)