European and global policy in 2022: priority themes, choices and trends

The Center for the Study of EU External Relations and the Global Order (EUXGLOB) and the European Democratic Culture Initiative (IECE) are organizing the online debate on EUROPEAN AND GLOBAL POLICY IN 2022: PRIORITY ISSUES, ELECTIONS on 10 February 2022 at 10:00 AND TRENDS.
Participants will discuss current topics on the international agenda, such as:
• European sovereignty and the adoption of the Strategic Compass
• Priorities of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union
• Elections in France and Hungary
• US midterm elections
• Negotiations on the Iranian nuclear issue
• Israel-Iran conflict
• Energy in the context of the Fit for 55 package
• China in international trade
• US-China Gobal Supremacy Competition
• The NATO Summit in Madrid and the new strategic concept of the Alliance
• NATO-EU complementarity
• Hybrid threats in the European context: points of alignment and divergence between Russia and China
The event will be broadcast live on the EUXGLOB Facebook page:
Students of the Faculty of European Studies are invited to actively participate in the debate by accessing:

Meeting ID: 937 2826 7306

Passcode: 979409