The “International Relations and European Studies” Doctoral School offers its students the opportunity to continue their higher education, in a modern way, adapted to the requirements of contemporary society, which emphasizes a multilateral development of the doctoral student, through an interdisciplinary educational program, focused on research . Recognition of the benefits offered by diversity is a fundamental principle for us, so we are open to offer access to all those who have a degree in international relations and European studies, or in related fields (history, political or administrative sciences, psychology, sociology, economics or law, etc.),

regardless of nationality or place of study.

Our mission is to form strong, well-trained characters and minds, able to work successfully in the field of international relations and European studies, both in academia, research and in the professional sphere, at the level of institutions and organizations. profile, national, European or international.

If you want to find out, in detail, how the Doctoral School “International Relations and European Studies” works, you can consult our regulations.