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Conference Sections

(It is not a “closed list”. The idea is to make understood that it is a very wide, very open congress. You can change, add, and remove whatever you think necessary). Besides the concrete theme of the plenary sessions, the International Conference “European Culture” does not have a unique theme, since it is especially defined by the variety of themes which allows various disciplines to come together. The Conference is organised in thematic sections and in sections by subject. Thematic sections 1. CULTURE THEORY, CULTURAL IDENTITY Cultures in transition Minorities and identities in multicultural Europe Sociology of Culture, Cultural Policies, Cultural Management Globalization and its consequences for cultures Thoughts on the arts   2. MULTICULTURALISM / INTERCULTURALITY / MIGRATIONS / ENCOUNTERS BETWEEN CULTURES Cultural relations between Europe and other continents; images of Europe in other cultures Cultural exchange and transfer: historical examples and current realities Interculturality and teaching Borders, Migrations, Encounters Borders and dialogues in plural Europe Culture and Coexistence Language diversity in Europe Travels and Travellers Local and Regional Cooperation   3. CONTEMPORARY CULTURE Women in Culture Popular culture, material culture Museology and cultural heritage The role of cultural institutions and equipments Culture and Communication   4. EUROPEAN IDENTITY / THE IDEA OF EUROPE Visions of Europe, visions of European culture European Culture, European Identity TheEuropean project Cultural references of the Europeans Towards a European history of European culture Thinking and literature about Europe   5. EUROPE: CULTURE, ECONOMICS AND LAW Currency, trade and culture Tourism and culture Culture in organizations and labour culture Law and European culture   6. COMMUNICATION Image, discourse and identity Communication and Culture Communication and European identity Audio-visual culture and European identity   7. EDUCATION Education and interculturality, education and citizenship Education and European identity Perspectives for the University 8. THE ROLE OF REGIONALISMS IN SHAPING THE PUBLIC REGIONAL AGENDA This section will debate on the role different regionalisms (cultural, political, economical) have on the public decisions. It also offers the opportunity to analyse the perspectives of local democracy. Sections by subjects Religion / Theology Philosophy Ethical thoughts Aesthetics Political and social sciences Sociology Communication and documentation Architecture and urbanism Ecology Literature/theatre and performing arts Visual arts Music Cinema and audiovisual History Science and technology Culture, gastronomy and nutrition Regionalisms
European Culture 2015 13th Conference «European Culture»   Cluj-Napoca, Romania 29-31 October 2015 European Culture 2015 Universitatea Babeş-Bolyai, Cluj-Napoca Facultatea de Studii Europene Conference sections