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Conference Venue Cluj-Napoca – the heart of Transylvania Cluj is Romania’s second largest city, with a total population of over 300.000 inhabitants, but if we count the 100.000 students and the people living in the metropolitan area, Cluj reaches reaches 500.000 inhabitants. The town’s history goes back over two thousand years, from the Roman “municipium” Napoca, to the live and vibrant student center nowadays. By just walking through the center of the city, you will get the chance to discover some of the architectural treasures the city has to offer: the old Benedictine monastery in the “Museum Square”, the birth house of Mathias Corvinus and many other guild and craftsmen houses. The Catholic Church "St. Michael " (the second largest Gothic church in Transylvania) and the Orthodox Cathedral are an absolute must for any visitor. Bannfy Palace, Continental Hotel, “the old Town Hall” and the “mirror street” complete the city’s urban architecture. The headquarters of the "Babes - Bolyai" University is proof of the city’s academic tradition and the many churches are a symbol of the religious and ethnic tolerance that rules the city. The Faculty for European Studies, Babes-Bolyai University 1 Em. de Martonne Str., Cluj-Napoca, Romania The Babeș-Bolyai University is today the oldest, the largest and, in many ways, the most prestigious university in Romania. It is comprised out of 21 faculties, including the Faculty for European Studies, the host of the Conference <<European Culture>> 2015. The Faculty offers interdisciplinary teaching and research programmes in the field of complex matters related to the concept of Europe. By approaching continental realities from a political, economic and judicial perspective, experts capable of fully comprehending and offering viable and practical solutions to the problems raised in the context of Romania’s integration in the EU are being trained here.
European Culture 2015 13th Conference «European Culture»   Cluj-Napoca, Romania 29-31 October 2015 European Culture 2015 Universitatea Babeş-Bolyai, Cluj-Napoca Facultatea de Studii Europene